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Increasing Team Effectiveness in A Remote Working Environment

Over the last year, the workplace as we once knew it has shifted significantly. The predictability of our work schedules, workplace, the way we do our work both individually and as a team has changed.

Now it is prudent for teams to discuss the challenges that we all face, use this opportunity to have candid conversations about what will enable the highest level of success in three main areas; communication, managing and discussing performance and finally find the right balance between employee engagement and a focus on performance targets to achieve and even surpass historical business results.

Join us to learn tips, techniques and leading practices to increase your team’s effectiveness as they work remotely together.

Course Focus:

  • Facilitated dialogue and collective brainstorming on what will improve team effectiveness
  • Tips, techniques, leading practices that both normalize the current experience that can also be applied in the forward-plan
  • Creation of agreed actions and “way forward” to optimize team performance

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Teambuilding Workshop
Jenny’s approach was simple, effective and is the best facilitator I have ever engaged.– Lisa

DiSC Workshop
An excellent workshop that should be offered to all management personnel – Attendee

Measuring Success
One of the best workshops I’ve ever attended! – Attendee

Small Business Owner  - HR Support
I really didn’t know how I was going to manage… are an invaluable and trusted resource. I thank you for being so gracious, professional and quietly determined.

Ontru was able to help me through the shock of redundancy. Working with them gave me back the confidence and hope that "life" happens but there is opportunity in misfortune.

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