Imagine - Learn - Evolve

At Ontru, we believe that realizing full potential requires an investment in continuous learning and growth. Our service offerings provide the support to enable you, your team or your organisation to realise your full potential.


Unlock the potential in your workforce through an Ontru employee performance assessment. Ontru is a certified DiSC® distributor, the most trusted behavioural learning instrument in the industry.

Career Coaching & Development Planning

We offer effective one-on-one sessions to chart a development pathway, for individuals starting their career, looking for a transition, or to reduce risk in an uncertain economic environment.

Professional & Executive Coaching

Our seasoned professionals provide personalised, professional development and executive coaching in a variety of industry sectors, designed to facilitate growth in a particular area, or generally.

Standard Training Offerings

Our standard training offerings are designed to cover a wide range of topics, and to build results-producing teams that evolve and prosper in volatile environments. Ontru is the destination for high quality learning experiences at a range of price points.

Specialized Training Offerings

To complement our standard training offerings, we offer a number of niche and high-end training opportunities.

Customized Training Solutions

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can tailor a program just for you! Ontru has a wide network of talent development professionals. Contact us so that we can identify, or develop the perfect program to meet your needs.

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