Savvy Development Planning

Development planning and creating development plans is one of the most important processes in creating and managing effective teams and it often gets placed on the backburner. Further, training and development dollars need to be spent wisely and can be maximized with thoughtful and creative development planning that creates an impact.

Program Benefits:

Establish clearer and more effective development plans for your teams.

  • Observe an increase in engagement and motivation levels by establishing a clear development path and associated actions.
  • Improve team performance by shifting individual and group behaviours.


  • Gain an understanding of the components of an effective development plan.
  • Identify the common pitfalls and assumptions associated with development planning.
  • Create more effective development plans that positively improve engagement, performance and morale.
  • Clearly outline development goals and objectives.
  • Identify a wide-range of clear, creative and cost-effective development actions that align with development goals.
  • Evaluate and measure success of development and training actions.


Managers, leaders and anyone interested in optimizing team development and performance.

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