Because successful HR practice should deliver your business the optimal return on investment.

At Ontru, we work with business executives and human resources managers to implement HR programs that are efficient, compliment business objectives and deliver optimum return on investment according to your unique requirements.
Customized HR Solutions for your business and budget needs.

Whether you’re a small business owner, or a CEO, CFO, or CHRO of a larger organisation, our expert HR professionals will work with you to find seamless, cost-effective and quality strategic and operational HR Support for your business according to your needs and budget.

Ontru assists large corporate organisations as well as smaller businesses in areas such as:

  • Recruitment and immigration
  • Outplacement
  • Outsourcing


The experienced team of Human Resource experts at Ontru works with, and complements, an organisation’s existing HR operations, helping to fill in their HR gaps and providing additional expertise. In cases where a full solution is required, we can act as your entire HR department, working on-site or offsite to perform all of your required HR functions.

People Management

We build People Management solutions that are crucial to the daily operations of businesses and organizations of all sizes. Whether you are a small business needing HR support or a large entity requiring HR project leadership, we are able to scale our solutions to meet your needs.

HR Outsourcing &

We provide a qualified HR professional to assist you with the full range of human resources services (strategic, operational and administrative), in accordance with the following offerings. If you operate a small business, you may wish to retain us instead of hiring a full-time resource. Similarly, larger organisations often require an extension to their HR team for a specified period of time or for a particular project.

HR Audit & Process Review

Would you like to better understand whether or not you are compliant with local legislation and leading international HR practice? Our consultants can review your existing HR systems, processes and practices in a constructive and collaborative manner. You will receive a full report of findings with helpful recommendations on opportunities for improvement and a suggestion on how to implement changes effectively.

HR Health Check

HR Administration

We offer a full range of HR Administration services including development of employment contracts, employee handbooks and disciplinary documentation. We consider this the HR Administration toolkit to ensure compliance with local legislation and meet basic HR requirements.

Recruitment and Immigration Management

Consider it done from vacancy to hire. We manage the development of the job specification, placement of the advertisement, resume receipt and screening, interview scheduling, candidate selection, reference checks and immigration application.

Performance Appraisal Development and Management

Ontru consultants create and design effective performance management tools and assist with training and coaching on effective completion. We also monitor the quality of the completion of appraisals to continuously refine and improve your appraisal processes.

Discipline and Performance Improvement

Discipline and performance improvement can be one of the most challenging and time consuming areas of human resource management. Our services range from the development of disciplinary templates and discipline and performance improvement policies to the creation and monitoring of individual performance improvement plans.

Compensation and Benefits Design, Improvement and Management

Our specialized compensation professionals have experience developing solutions in both industrial and salaried organizations. Services range from development of compensation philosophies and policies, executive compensation, short and long term incentive plan design, job evaluation and analysis, market analysis, development of reward and recognition. In addition, we offer analysis of benefits programs in addition to management of benefits providers and new program implementation.

Employee Relations Support and

Whether you are seeking to find the right words or the right approach to challenging employee relations issues, we can assist. We have extensive experience in industrial relations, issue resolution and mediation that can assist with resolving small or large scale disputes.