Because successful HR practice should deliver your business the optimal return on investment.

At Ontru, we work with business executives and human resources managers to implement HR programs that are efficient, compliment business objectives and deliver optimum return on investment according to your unique requirements.

Customized HR Solutions for your business and budget needs.

Whether you’re a small business owner, or a CEO, CFO, or CHRO of a larger organisation, our expert HR professionals will work with you to find seamless, cost-effective and quality strategic and operational HR Support for your business according to your needs and budget.

Ontru assists large corporate organisations as well as smaller businesses in areas such as:

  • Outsourcing
  • Recruitment and immigration
  • Outplacement

The experienced team of Human Resource experts at Ontru works with, and complements, an organisation’s existing HR operations, helping to fill in their HR gaps and providing additional expertise. In cases where a full solution is required, we can act as your entire HR department, working on-site or offsite to perform all of your required HR functions.

Ontru Values

Service excellence: Our highest priority is our customers and ensuring that their HR practices drive their business objectives and goals forward.

Collaboration: We work with you to craft and implement HR programs that result in a measurable return on investment.

Accountability: To deliver “best practice” and advanced HR solutions to even the most sophisticated of HR operations, ensuring accordance with workplace legal frameworks to reduce compliance and liability risks.

Transparency: Our goal is to work with you to build truth, trust and transparency in your HR operations so that lines of communication within your business serve to provide clear, strong direction to all employees and decision makers.

Confidentiality: We understand that confidentiality is critical to the integrity of your business. Our experienced professionals work to establish procedures to safeguard all of your information for the sake of your business and your employees.