Coaching for Success

Our one-on-on “Coaching for Success” packages are a fantastic first step toward reaching your highest […]Read More »

Preparing For Job Loss

In today’s marketplace, businesses are constantly changing and evolving and employee transition is a part […]Read More »

Performance Appraisals — Headache, Business Advantage or Risk Mitigation Tool?

Many things in life seem to cluster or come in waves. Over the last several […]Read More »

Human Resources, Talent Development and Administrative Professionals

Ontru is a full-service business strategy, people management and performance and training solutions firms. We […]Read More »

Employee Relations IS Your Number One Brand Strategy!

Developing a brand strategy for organizations is often a process that is carefully crafted by […]Read More »

Probation: The Most Under-utilized Management Tool

According to the Bermuda Employment Act 2000, employers are permitted to allocate a “probationary period” […]Read More »

Learning from Mistakes – A Culture of Fear, Cover-up or Continuous Learning?

Creating an environment for professionals to make mistakes and to “learn forward” is essential in […]Read More »

Leadership: Posers vs. Performers

According to the dictionary, a poser is defined as “a person who pretends to be […]Read More »

HR Outsourcing - Your Best Shot

As a busy executive or business owner, you’re focused on how best to compartmentalize your […]Read More »

Let's Get Real About 360 Feedback

There is a great debate taking place within organizations as it relates to performance and […]Read More »

New partnership with BambooHR

We are excited to announce our new partnership with BambooHR! BambooHR is the leading online […]Read More »



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Teambuilding Workshop
Jenny’s approach was simple, effective and is the best facilitator I have ever engaged.– Lisa

DiSC Workshop
An excellent workshop that should be offered to all management personnel – Attendee

Measuring Success
One of the best workshops I’ve ever attended! – Attendee

Small Business Owner  - HR Support
I really didn’t know how I was going to manage… are an invaluable and trusted resource. I thank you for being so gracious, professional and quietly determined.

Ontru was able to help me through the shock of redundancy. Working with them gave me back the confidence and hope that "life" happens but there is opportunity in misfortune.